Michigan transgender name change

Now, I'm basically done. This page last updated 31 May, The courtroom opened almost half an hour late, but R and I had someone to talk to--A, who I had met through Affirmations, had coincidentally had her name change hearing schedule at the same time as mine. I am getting ready to take the plunge and want to do it right the first time and your walk through helps a lot. On September 1st, I changed my name. The Affidavit says this is what is to be certified, and it also adds non-statutory language that the individual "has had appropriate surgical procedures completed for gender transition to the new gender"

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TLDEF Launches Name Change Project in Michigan

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Michigan law also provides for "sealing" of the old record. I have not had my name changed on my birth certificate yet. Clients participating in our pilot project explained the importance of aligning their legal names with their true selves:. The next case was called, and I went over to the clerk to pick up the signed order. Three weeks later, I received a notice from the court, informing me that my court date had been postponed to September 1st. I also hope that you'll provide explicit advice with respect to the Affidavit, advising people that they should not provide any additional details with regard to type or extent of surgery.

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Timetable Terms Categories Web safety. Barb March 7, at 9: That is all that it says. This is legal talk, not legal advice. The clerk told me that I had seen the order when I checked in, and had already told her there were no mistakes.

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