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What separate these everyday intrusions from obsessions seen in OCD are the meanings, or appraisals, that the OCD sufferers attach to the thoughts. If I lose control of my thoughts, I must do something to regain that control. Eventually as you work your way up the list to facing your worst fears there will be little about the subject that can set you off. Doubting something so basic about yourself can obviously be quite a torturous business. Aside from a few new medications since the last article, treatment remains essentially the same. For more general information, please visit our "About OCD" section. The older psychoanalytic therapies often make people with this problem feel much worse by saying that the thoughts represent true inner desires.

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I must be in control of all my thoughts and emotions at all times. Listening to minute audio tapes or tape loops about the feared subject. Some typical cognitive errors made by OC sufferers include: It is important to note that the goal of ERP is not the elimination of obsessive thoughts but to learn to tolerate and accept all thoughts with little or no distress. Trying to not look or act effeminately if a man , or in a masculine way if a woman , or vice versa if the sufferer is gay. In addition to performing compulsions, one other way in which sufferers cope with the fears caused by the obsessions is through avoidance, and by this I mean directly avoiding everyday situations that get the thoughts going.

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Compulsive questioning can frequently take place, and usually involves others who may be close to the sufferer. Not checking your reactions to attractive members of your own sex. It is sort of like having only half of the Velcro. In terms of the last question above, one of the most difficult situations for this group of sufferers is when they experience a sexual reaction to something they feel would be inappropriate. Under the right circumstances, many things can cause sexual arousal in a person. Cognitive OCD theorists believe that obsessions have their origin in the normal unwanted, intrusive thoughts seen in the general population. Fred Penzel, PhD, is a licensed psychologist who has specialized in the treatment of OCD and related disorders since

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