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Retrieved 4 February Retrieved August 10, Yu Xin opened his home and provided a standing reference for the younger Wang Shao, who repaid him by serving as a sort of butler and sex provider. Country dwellers do not often speak of homosexuality, and when they do, it is usually considered a disease. One of the earliest mentions of the actor-prostitutes who would become common later in Chinese history is also from the Jin dynasty.

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LGBT history in China


Li Zhisui , a Chinese doctor and anti-communist political dissident that lived in revolutionary China and emigrated to the United States during the Cultural Revolution, alleged in his book "The Private Life of Chairman Mao", that Mao had sexual relations with younger males in the military. It has been construed that this may have been part of an attempt to limit all personal expression outside government-monitored relationships, coming in response to the social chaos at the end of the Ming dynasty. Although there is no law against homosexuality or same-sex acts between consenting adults, neither are there laws requiring people to accept individuals who engage in gay acts. The other Muslim in his court, a Central Asian called Yu Yung, sent Uighur women dancers to the emperor's quarters for sexual purposes. Though this issue was rejected, this was the first time that an item of gay rights was discussed in China. One cult which he found particularly troublesome was the cult of Hu Tianbao.

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According to Lady Han, the wife of another sage of the Bamboo Grove, Shan Tao , who spied on the two in their bedroom, they were also sexually talented. Li Yu described the ceremony, "They do not skip the three cups of tea or the six wedding rituals- it is just like a proper marriage with a formal wedding. Furthermore, men have more responsibility to carry on the family line, therefore gay men can feel greater pressure than women. Country dwellers do not often speak of homosexuality, and when they do, it is usually considered a disease. This process is intricately tied to Deng Xiaoping's economic reforms in the s, such as the Open Door Policy in , and the self-identified quality of "Opening Up" kaifang embraced during this period of reform. Many scholars as well as gay and lesbians believe it will be difficult to pass such a law in China in the near future. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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