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We imagine that everyone who is a loner, has trouble with bullying, or has mental issues, is a born killer. He then grew into theft, weapons, and more. Gay commentators chose agnosticism-- whether the two were gay or not was a fact that could never be firmly established. Four times the toll in Oklahoma City. Readily available automatic weapons and incessant media violence are hardly social goods.

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Eric Harris, Adam Lanza, And Evil

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That number has held steady. These falsehoods, taken uniquely far in America, have helped choke off paths through the wilderness along which boys become men without becoming monsters. But if anyone looks at the checklist of what it means to be a psychopath: Read part three here. He made a website that mocked all the people around him, one that spewed hate at a constant rate. This is the life of a psychopath, and this is the only way to understand Eric Harris and the attack on Columbine.

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Anywhere US culture does not dominate, boys walk arm in arm, and adults and kids talking casually on the street-- these are small threads, but important in weaving a social fabric. They take particular joy in lying, just like Eric Harris. He was only interested in power and control, and when he finally decided to fulfill his plans of massacring his schoolmates, he planned for over a year to make sure it went off without a hitch. But asking whether Klebold and Harris were "really" gay misses the point. In Massachusetts it's a misdemeanor for an adult to initiate a conversation with an unknown minor.

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