Transsexual post op vagina pics

They need to close up the wound and move on. He recommended that I get vaginal cuff links to pull the abscessed walls together. It does not have that flounder smell of non-surgery females. I googled it and I can't possibly see how a MTF "vadge" can even compare in the lubrication department: Transwomen can forget double penetration unless they want one huge anal canal.

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What's it like to fuck a MTF vagina?


This thread is making me A few million years of selective evolution. When the doctor did the internal exam, she said that's the only thing she could identify. I was really happy because this meant I was truly a real girl now, with a period and cramps and everything!!! R34, someone on a different thread posted a link to a story about Just flaying a penis and shoving it up into the body to create a sad little flesh tube that the body is constantly trying to heal closed There is no natural lubrication.

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To fuck a M2F you would need to be into "docking" or "sounding". Female genitalia are tucked under. Best case scenario is you're engaged in a lifelong struggle against your own body's natural expression and processes. R They call it detransitioning. It's more like fucking a rotten jack o latern. Or would that be politically incorrect? Then we need to see better pictures of neo-vage here, not the sad, chubby holes that have presented here.

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