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Scientists have discovered that people whose mothers took progesterone while pregnant identify as heterosexual less often than those whose mother did not receive progesterone treatment. As a student of chinese medicine you have intrigued me. When we are born with inherent tendencies, it does not mean we have to act upon them. Much preferable to the prochoice option. Progesterone is found naturally in the body. The child may develop more testosterone or more estrogen and if it happens with the wrong sex it may become a Gay or Lesbian. Theres no solid proof on the origins of homosexuality and is generally accepted as a fact about most species of animal.

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Possible link between hormone treatment and sexuality: study


So it would be interesting to see a concerted effort to try and find the cause for the mutations within the womb. This is all sorts of messed up. This article is contradictory, assumptive, speculative and poorly written at best. Oh good grief, do you tell people your shin hurts, or your tibia? Madzast December 10, at Almost eighteen percent said they were currently attracted to both sexes three men and three women , compared to three per cent in the control zero men, one woman. As a society, we have come to accept homosexuality.

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Its interesting to know about the factors that add up to make us who we are. I cannot believe this was even considered seriously, much less published. So it would be interesting to see a concerted effort to try and find the cause for the mutations within the womb. Jim April 4, at 3: So when a foetus is exposed to hormones it may impact the hormonal processes, which influence our sexual orientation, says Mortensen. Emma December 13, at 1: Francisco Culloton May 30, at 3:

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