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And I want to go back to the young person who was sitting in the audience that day listening to kari edwards read these poems, feeling so many conflicting things, and tell her, "See? Finding absence and presence, fertility and death, high romance and brave self-implication, I looked up ten minutes later to see what felt now like an entire world sitting and sipping beverages around me—not just women, now, not just potential lovers—but each disenfranchised soul open for engagement, needing every one of us to hear and answer for the testimony of one another. I remember she held the stage with a powerful presence, and she read these passages like lightning, pure bombarding waves of sound, as if on the edge of thought almost too fast for us to keep track of what was happening in them, with a momentum and speed of attack to each phrase that transmuted exasperation and sadness into a kind of philosophical, epistemological prayer dancing on the head of a pin, yet leavened with a little mischievous humor. He's performed alongside such artists as Chance the Rapper and Mos Def. Adrienne Rich Right A lesbian and feminist pioneer, Rich's poetry has cemented itself as canon in American literature.

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25 Queer Poets to Read Now and Forever


Rereading these poems in the aftermath of my own recent transition, I can discern a depth of reference now "the bones of direction" that viscerally acknowledges the fear and pain that trans women feel in having to negotiate a new and strange relationship to time. Despite nails jutting from the boards like punji sticks, I bellied my way to the edge and perched my book above the water: Pat Parker was one of the first black lesbian poets whose poetry I discovered while attending Barnard College. By the time I hiked the Appalachian Trail in , I had come out as queer but not yet as trans. Who was I to argue with such wisdom.

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Allen Ginsberg is celebrated as one of the great queer voices of all time in writing. I think about the young person listening to kari edwards reading these passages, and I think about how much paralyzing fear I had in my own negotiations with time, and how many walls I had set up to block myself from being happy. Cavafy is a 20th century Greek poet, known for his highly homoerotic and sexually explicit poetry. She was claiming that passion publicly, before thousands, and in the fullness of her selfhood as a woman of African descent. His work is unabashedly queer and intersectional.

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